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Today, business moves faster than ever—and the workplace needs to adapt. Compete more effectively with world-class workplace collaboration solutions and tools that fit the way your teams work, not the other way around. Get proven ROI and reduce costs, increase productivity, and elevate the way you share information.

10 ways to upgrade your meeting

Learn how you can create better video meeting experiences with the latest innovations and features of RealPresence Group Series.


5 changes shaping collaboration

See what's driving the evolution of how people work and connect—and what this means for the CIO of today. By futurist Jack Uldrich.


Workplace of the future.

Get insight into how video collaboration solutions drive business innovation—and what market forces are shaping these new ways to work. By IDC's Melissa Fremeijer.


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The workplace is changing faster than ever, and employees expect to be able to contribute from anywhere. Help your teams connect and collaborate in any environment with enterprise-grade capabilities like advanced noise blocking—so they can make powerful connections wherever they work best.

Collaborate with impact

Unpredictable home office conditions, like noise or a weak network connection, can distance you from the action. Collaborate like you're there in the workplace with advanced solutions that eliminate problems so you don’t miss a detail.

Your new office: everywhere

On-the-go meetings are the new norm. Enjoy seamless collaboration and the same rich, lifelike experience on mobile for productive team meetings with live content annotation and enterprise-grade security wherever you roam.

Tiny spaces drive big business

Small huddle rooms answer many modern workplace needs—and now they can wield powerful business impact. Our flexible collaboration solutions help you pull together global experts in seconds and share content right from your mobile device.

Capture every nuance

Command the room and direct your business across time zones. Compelling collaboration begins with intuitive solutions that capture everyone's input and deliver powerful outcomes. Drive business forward in real time, anywhere.

Real-as-life collaboration

Transform long-distance meetings into active work sessions. Our telepresence solutions create an immersive, human connection that's as natural, personal and effective as sitting in the same room.

By Business Challenge

Collaborate naturally and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with the solution that's right for your business. You can drive innovation and galvanize your teams from anywhere with our flexible voice, video and content sharing solutions and services.


Team Collaboration

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, global teams need ways to streamline operations and make the right decisions faster than ever.


Team Collaboration

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, global teams need ways to streamline operations and make the right decisions faster than ever.

Increase productivity, enhance corporate culture, and grow your business with high-impact collaboration solutions for organizations of any size. No matter where your teams are located, turn meetings into dynamic working sessions and get results faster.

Team collaboration: Keeping the peace for a better world

See how NATO trains global teams so they're prepared for any challenges they encounter around the world.


Faster decisions that make headlines

Learn how the editors at China Daily lead the industry in a competitive media environment with face-to-face meetings, anywhere.


Enabling innovation through real-time collaboration

Video is an essential part of the culture at AOL, bringing together 5,000 employees who believe in "work the way you want."


Distributed Workforce

With talent scattered across the globe, your company needs solutions as mobile and flexible as your workforce.


Distributed Workforce

Eliminate boundaries and help your people collaborate across continents whether they're at home, in the office, or on the road. Our collaboration solutions help anyone, anywhere, connect in any environment and take action from wherever they are.

Making a big world smaller

Learn how Prologis, the world leader in industrial real estate, uses globe-shrinking collaboration in the workplace to uplevel its logistics.


Protecting the environment, faster

See how 600 NIWA researchers link 15 locations across New Zealand using Polycom with Lync to help them study the environment and save precious natural resources.



Every organization needs help increasing employee engagement for better, faster outcomes.



Every organization needs help increasing employee engagement for better, faster outcomes.

Help your people get up to speed faster and stay up to speed. They can update their skills, educate students, onboard new hires, and engage experts from anywhere. Our solutions up-level your company's global training and knowledge management by putting users in control.

Uniting a widespread campus

Learn how Auburn University trains pharmacology students from remote locations with synchronized live instruction and uses content management to tailor the curriculum.


Saving lives with better training

Learn how Lincoln, Nebraska saw a 66% increase in training efficiency for their firefighters, rescue workers, and Emergency Medical Services, all thanks to video collaboration.


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Every sector has distinct needs that evolve as fast as the business environment. No matter what industry you're in, engage your workers, end customers and partners around the world with powerful collaboration solutions and services that adapt to every workflow—and give you a competitive edge.

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Today, every role has growing influence over the technology choices for their business unit. Empower your teams to deliver extraordinary results with a collaboration solution that helps streamline workflows, improve engagement, and enable powerful innovation across every department.

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